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Heart Snatcher

Heart Snatcher

Behold The Fairy Tales

Elle Madison EP


Elle Madison is a singer and author she performs urban contemporary music. She has released four solo studio albums. 

Elle was born and raised in New York, United States. She was an avid fan of Pop and R&B music during her childhood, her dream was to create her own music. She released her first studio album in 2009 titled My Pink Palace. She followed up with her next releases Elle Madison EP in 2010 and Behold The Fairy Tales in 2013. Her most recent release, Heart Snatcher was released in 2016. 

Elle has performed at many different music venues in the United States. Some of those venues being located in Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York and outside the US in Toronto, Canada. She was awarded “Best Singer of Long Island” from the prestigious Best of Long Island Awards. Elle has been featured in renowned publications some include, New York Times website, LI Press newspaper and the cover of Good Times Magazine.


Heart Snatcher

Heart Snatcher

5 Apr , 2016   albums

Track Listing 01. Life02. Holy Ellie03. Up To Heaven 04. Plenty of Fish 05. Fever 06. Change The World 07. Dearest You 08. Don’t Speak 09. Goodbye 7 Profitz 10. You Ain’t Sane 11. Moving On 12. LaLaLaLa 13. Furry Tails (Ind1go Remix) 14. Heart is Breathing (JQ Remix) 15. Danger Zone (DJ Igric Remix) […]

Behold The Fairytales

Behold The Fairytales

5 Oct , 2013   albums

Tracklist 01. Survivor 02. Revenge 03. Got 2 Go 04. Taken 05. Hater Lemonade 06. Thank You 07. Behold The Fairytales (Rise Above) 08. Lukewarm Youth (Reprise) 09. Limited 10. Smooth Talker (Revisited) 11. Weeping Man 12. Daily Dirt 13. Wasted